8.1.1 LOLO RORO Voyage Operations

Order of Works Creation

The Order of Works Creation screen is not an operations screen, it is a screen that is used to create jobs on a voyage in bulk. 

It looks at the colour coding for discharge and load across bays and decks and presents a break down.

Order of Work Creation

The screen can be launch from the Order of Works screen.

For LOLO bays the break down includes on deck and under deck colour coding for 20′ and 40′, discharge and load.

Use the crane toolbar button to assign cranes and work points to the voyage. The Cranes will appear at the top of the main table as coloured lines.

The cranes are represented by a line coloured by the configured crane colour. It shows how many colour coded items are allocated to the crane, the cranes move rate per hour and it’s estimated time for completion.

Clicking the ‘Auto Assign Work to Cranes’ button will make JMT attempt to evenly spread a range of bays between the cranes so that the cranes finish work at approximately the same time. It does this by using the cranes hourly rate, the cranes ability to do twin lift and the amount of work.

The colour coding (work/moves) are in yellow, the cranes are coloured. The yellow work items above the crane line is the work allocated to that crane.

The user can manually allocate work by holding the CTRL key and dragging the crane line up and down over the colour coding. As the crane line moves, the details of how much work is being allocated to the crane changes, as does the ETC.

Alternatively individual lines can be moved between cranes:

To create jobs for each crane click the ‘Load Crane to Order of Works’ button, this creates discharge, load and hatch lid jobs.

Discharge and load jobs are shown in pink in the job column.

The work of the Order of Works Creation screen is finished, no more can be done in this screen.

Order of Works

The jobs are now in the Order of Works.

All the jobs  for discharge and load have been created as well as boom up and hatch lid jobs.



So that hatch lid jobs and boom up jobs can be created each crane has to be configured with user definable job types.

Job Priority

So that the system knows to do discharge before load and 40s before 20s there is a configuration for single and twin lift LOLO jobs.

Within single lift and twin lift the Priority Grouping is done in order, with in each Priority Grouping there is no order, the options are sorted alphabetically.

The jobs that are created are worked in the normal way.

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