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Gateless Cargo Receival

Normally road cargo deliveries are received into the terminal via the Gate. There is an alternative option that provides a stream lined way to get cargo onto the terminal. Using this approach prenoted cargo can be moved directly into the terminal without using the Gate.

The first step is to create a new Terminal Area of type “Receive Trans Area”

Next create the prenoted cargo, and use the “Receive Cargo” context menu to move the cargo into the terminal. Note that the Transport mode must be set to “Road”

Select the transfer area, and click OK.

The cargo is moved to the terminal and a “Received – Road” transaction is added to the cargo which can trigger any required CAMS processing.

There is a similar process for releasing cargo using a “Release Trans Area”.  Cargo can be moved to a “Release Trans Area”, and then a context menu option can be used to release the cargo from the terminal.

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Hi there, Port Nelson is investigating using Receive and Release areas for moving empty containers to a warehouse for packing and then returning the packed FCH back to terminal – can the above article be viewed with the pictures?

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