8.2.2 Gate

Security Gate

Master Terminal now has  a mechanism to record the time and date of all truck movements through a Security Gate, which is physically separated from the main terminal gate.

All trucks visiting the terminal can now be recorded before entering the main terminal. This allows cargo to be delivered out of hours into a secure area, to be later processed via the main gate.

Process Flow

Out of hours trucks can be processed at the security gate, their cargo is dropped off, the truck leaves. During normal working hours the cargo is processed and moved through the main gate as normal including the truck details.

Normal working hours trucks can be processed at the security gate, the truck then proceeds with their cargo through the main gate as normal.


A new configuration option will be added to the Terminal Ops / Gate Configuration screen. This “Site has Security Gate” option is set at the terminal level (i.e. a terminal has only one Security Gate).

Setting the “Site has Security Gate” option will show a new “Security Gate” menu item in the Gate Functions section of the Navigator and the Terminal menu in JMT:

New Security Gate Screen

The form shows all current security gate Vehicle Visits – all trucks that have entered through the Security Gate and have not yet exited through the Security Gate. 

The visits are sorted in ascending Arrival Date/Time order (i.e. showing the earliest incomplete visit first) by default.

Security Gate Truck In

The details of the truck are entered, no cargo details are recorded.

Security Gate Truck Out

If a truck is dropping off cargo outside of the main terminal, but inside the security area the truck can be recorded as leaving via the security gate; otherwise the truck proceeds to the main terminal gate.

If the truck is going from the security gate directly to the main terminal, the Road Gate screen allows entry of the visit number or the BAT number in the visit number field.

If the driver and registration detail were entered at the security gate they will be presented and the cargo details are entered in the normal way.

The truck has a normal road exit in the road operations screen.

When the truck passes through the security gate the details of the truck’s releases are shown. If the truck was not picking up it will show that the truck is empty, else it will list the released cargo items.

Clicking save records the truck as leaving the security gate.

On the Vehicle Visit screen a full audit of the truck’s visit can be seen.

Security Gate is available in Master Terminal 8.2.2.

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