8.2.2 CASH Gate

Master Terminal Cash Module

The Master Terminal Cash Module allows for payment by cash (cash, cheque, eftpos, credit card etc) of cargo before it is accepted into the terminal for exports, or released from the terminal for imports.

Debtors are set up as either credit-only or cash-only.
Cargo for cash-only debtors is stopped from being accepted or released if the cargo has not been paid for in full.

Expected transactions are set up for the pro forma invoicing of activity yet to be done at the time of payment, such as road release and storage.

Cargo to be paid for can be searched by bill of lading, customs entry number or cargo ids.

The agent paying for the cargo, e.g. customs agent or consignee, can be entered before the payment and is applied to the selected cargo.  Existing invoices lines for activity already charged are automatically re-evaluated to use the debtor of this agent.

A cash receipt can be printed at the time of payment.
Cash details as entered are saved for subsequent reporting.  The cash receipt can be reprinted at a future time.  Cash transactions can be queried by a number of search criteria.

All invoice lines and payments can be automatically moved to a new invoice of a configured type for each cash receipt.

The Cash Debtor Transaction screen shows all cash activity for a given debtor, it also gives access to functionality to receive cash on account, apply refunds and transfer cash credit between debtors.

Options are provided for:
  • ·         Receipt or release of cargo that is not fully paid for, as a warning instead of an error.
  • ·         Partial payment, i.e. payment in more than one installment before the cargo can be released.
  • ·         Payment in full only, no excess payment for future cargo.
  • ·         Enter payment in two different currencies, with conversion rate.

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