8.2.2 Releases Road

Releasing Cargo by BOL

This post is going to describe how to setup a release for all the cargo associated with a Bill Of Lading (BOL). This would then allow a truck to pickup any of the cargo items on the BOL, without having to specify the cargo id. As a  result, the Terminal can select the least over-stowed cargo on the BOL to load onto the truck.

Import cargo on-ship can be associated with a Bill Of Lading using either EDI (using the Cargo on Ship format) or manually on the Voyage Cargo form.

The following image shows the 3 cargo items associated with BOL14021701.

A Yard allocation should be created for the storage of the cargo on the BOL

The next step is to create a Release Request by Type. The following images show a release request for releasing cargo on BOL14021701. 

When the truck arrives at the gate for the pickup, The BOL number can be entered to retreive the details of the pickup.
The  details can be saved and the Road Job created

A Director task will be added to the RTQ form, which can then be worked by an appropriate machine.

When the machine accepts the job, a list of cargo associated with the BOL is displayed. The machine operator can select the cargo and place it on the truck.

This process requires Master Terminal 8.2.2 with Hotfix 18.

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