8.1.1 LOLO RORO Voyage Operations


You probably know that JMT handles DLRs and SoBs for LOLO and RORO, but did you know that JMT also handles DLRs and SoBs between LOLO and RORO? Here’s an overview of how to do RORO DLRs and SoBs.

LOLO to RORO Containers

Here we see some containers in a LOLO bay, and we want to re-handle them to a RORO deck on the same vessel.

In this example we have no existing colour coding. So in LOLO we select the containers and in the side view of the RORO deck we hold ALT and select the targets. In the LOLO we click the DLR pen.

The containers in the LOLO bay are now DLRs and are colour coded to the RORO deck. 

Selecting the linked DLR slots and choosing the ‘Linked Rehandles…’ menu shows use the linked items and they can be amended if necessary.

The colour coding is then added to jobs and planned and worked in the normal way.

RORO General Cargo DLR/SoB Between Decks

Here we see a GC area on a RORO deck and we need to re-handle the cargo to a different deck. In this example there is no existing colour coding.

We do this by having 2 RORO screens open, each with a different deck. And on the target deck we use the context menu item ‘DLR Colour Coding ALT GC at …’.

The important thing is that you use your mouse pointer to say where the top left corner of the GC area is to go, although the polygon can be moved afterwards.

The colour coding is then added to jobs and planned and worked in the normal way.

If the GC areas are already colour coded for discharge and load, then to link them we select the discharge area and use the ‘Link Rehandles…’ context menu to link them.

This all works for Shift on Board as well. The important thing for SoB is that the cargo is automatically planned when the job is created, IF the discharge and load are linked.

If you have the RORO module license this functionality is available in JMT 811.

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