8.1.1 Cargo RT Yard

Queuing Multiple Cargo

If you have ever had to queue up lots of containers from one area to another, then this is the feature for you. You can now do this in a single operation using multi move.

After setting the source and target areas to “Queued Mode”, select the cargo on the source, making sure you do not release the mouse button, then drag across to the target cell. JMT will then queue all the cargo in decking sequence.

If you need more control on where the cargo is queued, you can set the “Multi-move uses selected targets” context menu on the target area.

When this is set, you select the cells where the cargo will be queued. In the screen shot below I have selected 6 cells in row 06.

Now select the cargo from the source area and drag drop into any of the selected source cells.

This feature was added to JMT 8.1.1

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