8.2.1 LOLO Releases RORO RT Voyage Operations Yard

Dynamic Voyage Loading

In a recent blog I described changes we have made to allow “Out of Sequence Loading“. 

We have now extended Dynamic Loading to allow the working of colour coded voyage jobs that have not been fully planned.

Usually when you create voyage Load jobs you need to individually plan cargo to each voyage slot.

With this feature JMT will make use of the colour coding to create director tasks for jobs where the job has a single colour coding. No planning is required. 🙂

Creating a Dynamic Load Job

Creating a dynamic load job is easy. Just create voyage job, check the “Allow out of sequence loading” option and you are done.

Rather than planning the cargo to individual slots you can send the jobs directly to ops, and queue them. JMT will create director tasks that can be worked by machines.

Crane Delays

If a crane is delayed and a machine is currently working jobs on that crane, you can now move the task to a similar job on a different crane.  The screen below shows two similar jobs being worked by CR1 and CR2.

If CR1 is delayed, tasks can be moved using a RTQ context menu ‘Move Task to Job”‘. This will only appear if JMT can find similar jobs that are already loaded to voyage ops. The task can then be completed by the machine using CR2.

Allocating Cargo to a Job

If you need finer control on the cargo that is part of a job, there is a new planning context menu “Manage Allocated Cargo for Job 999 …”. Using this you can select the cargo you want to load into the job, without having to specify exactly where in the job it will be loaded.

This new feature can also be used as a replacement for linking Ship Releases to jobs. 

Hopefully this new feature will speed up the voyage planning process and give more flexibility around the loading of cargo. This feature will be available in JMT 8.2.1. If you would like to try this feature, talk to your account manager about how to get a beta version of JMT 8.2.1.

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