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Voyage Operations Optimization – Dynamic Loading

It is a common scenario in container terminal operations that container released from the yard stack arrive out of sequence under the crane. There are various reasons for such scenario to eventuate primarily being a break down of the prime movers carrying the load to the crane. There are also situations when break downs/delays experienced at the quay crane can result into diverting containers to alternative locations on the ship where there are container with similar attributes marked for loading. 
Although the above scenarios are more useful and required when loading empty containers there will be no  restrictions or limitations applicable and the same functionality/tools could be easily used during loading of full containers as well.
Although the existing Master Terminal functionality relies on ship release request feature to facilitate dynamic loading, it is a relatively longer process demanding more planning and operations time.  
Proposed solution & delivery: 
Master Terminal will include enhanced features/tools which will allow users to dynamically load containers arriving to the CTA out of sequence from the point they are dispatched from the yard. For ease of user acceptance and implementation,  the Master Terminal team is intending to undertake this enhancement in the following phases:
Phase I: Ability to load containers out of sequence to the ship using the Lander HHT or Machine RDT (when in “Act as Lander” mode)
Phase II: Enhance the current voyage allocations functionality to eliminate the use of release request for ship loading operations.
Future developments: 
The above tools are the first step to optimization of voyage operations and future tools can include time based dispatch policies.
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