8.1.2 Voyage Operations

Tally me banana Daylight come and me wan’ go home

JMT 8.1.2 sees the release of the first of a new breed of application that provides a modern and highly user centred interface. The Tallyman app was developed in association with Messina and is used on board the vessel to confirm the final stow of loaded cargo and cargo discharge.
The Tallyman can be used on both LOLO and RORO vessels and is designed to work deep in the vessel bowels where there may be limited (or no) connectivity to JMT. As cargo is loaded on to the vessel, the Tallyman can confirm the final stow which can be different to the planned stow (for example when twin lifts are swapped). The screenshot below shows a LOLO bay with all the boxes that will be loaded.

As each box is stowed the Tallyman touches the STOW button to confirm the stow. The next screenshot shows that 3 boxes have been loaded and confirmed.

The Tallyman can upload the confirmations to JMT where cargo will be updated with the final stow.
The Tallyman includes the following features

  • Shift on Board moves (SOB)
  • Seal check and damage recording (including photos)
  • Job List
  • Fast deck zooming and panning
  • Touch enabled

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