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“Jade’s understanding of Port Nelson and the cargo and shipping industry has been key to the success of our IT project.”

Parke Pittar
Port Nelson

Port Nelson processes more than three million tonnes of mixed cargo each year. Legacy systems stymied reporting. Master Terminal answered Port Nelson’s call for one source of the truth.

No more spreadsheets, thanks

The only way to extract useful insights from rising volumes of port traffic information is to manage it within a smart system. Port Nelson’s legacy systems and spreadsheets weren’t doing the job. Something had to change. Parke Pittar, Chief Commercial Officer, Port Nelson: “We wanted to achieve both operational and financial excellence by reducing the number of systems, and our operating overheads. We needed more meaningful reporting.”

Master Terminal and Harbor Management

Port Nelson added the Master Terminal module Harbor Management to its Jade Logistics TOS platform. Harbor Management provides an intuitive, highly-graphical user interface to schedule vessel visits, resources, and personnel. Drivers remotely access Master Terminal via ruggedized Itronix laptops, introduced under a broader program of IT upgrades. Jade Logistics developed a customized user front-end to simplify remote systems access – work that reduced necessary screens from 11 to just two. From their machine cabs, drivers receive job notifications, change the status of containers, access management systems, manage tasks, and search for container information.

Port Nelson’s data entry time slashed

Remote systems access has delivered a slew of benefits. Drivers spend 70 percent less time on data entry. Less data entry means more time driving, which keeps the wheels of business turning faster. Pittar said the quality and speed of reporting had also improved. Reports were generated in half the time, thanks largely to the automation of so much data handling. “It is important to find a vendor who not only understands the industry, but also the individual business. No two ports are the same. Jade’s understanding of Port Nelson and the cargo and shipping industry has been key to the success of our IT project. We will continue to work with them on future IT developments,” said Pittar.

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