Master Terminal helps pivotal intermodal hub to reduce overheads and offer innovative supply chain solutions

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“Master Terminal is a cost effective integrated system that meets the requirements of a port of our current size and product diversity.”

CentrePort New Zealand

For nearly twenty years CentrePort has used Jade Logistics’ terminal operating system (TOS), Master Terminal, to streamline operations and manage a variety of cargo.

Far different from the traditional software vendor and client relationship, Jade Logistics has an active collaboration approach with its customers. For CentrePort this has accelerated product development and resulted in wins for their customers, allowing them to do business more effectively and, ultimately, more profitably.


A thriving intermodal hub

Logistics service provider CentrePort is located in Wellington, New Zealand – the southernmost capital city in the world. Many would assume that this remoteness would result in isolation from trade routes. Far from it. CentrePort is a thriving intermodal hub that offers unrivaled nationwide access and international shipping services.

Situated at the south-western tip of the North Island, Wellington is at the geographical center of New Zealand, which CentrePort uses to their advantage. With direct connections to major highways, the main railway network, and key coastal shipping routes, CentrePort is the only New Zealand port able to offer delivery anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

New Zealand has strong trans-Pacific trading partners, particularly in Australia and Asia. CentrePort’s position on the axis of the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean and convenient access to the east and west coasts of the country, combined with a sheltered deep water harbor ensures a busy calendar of international shipping.

From strength to strength

Beginning with implementation, Jade Logistics has worked closely with CentrePort to deliver a solution that has continually evolved to meet the port’s individual needs.

“Jade not only assisted implementation but also added intellectual property back into the process to ensure that we were getting the maximum benefits from the solution,” says Ken Pearson, ICT Manager at CentrePort.

CentrePort, who previously used a Navis TOS, have gone from strength to strength with Master Terminal according to Pearson. “Master Terminal was in its infancy when we implemented it. There have been many enhancements that have gone into it to make it the product it is now. We are pleased to have helped Jade along the way, working with their developers to provide meaningful, real-world data and feedback.”

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