Master Terminal enables C3 Limited to record and track over 30 million logs per year

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One of the strengths of Master Terminal that attracted C3 Limited is its ability to manage multiple terminals in different locations in a single system.

C3 Limited marshals high volumes of export logs through 15 ports across New Zealand and Australia. An integrated and online system running in real time was needed to operate more efficiently. Exporting forest products out of New Zealand involves many processes and stakeholders, and companies responsible for log logistics need to manage these processes as efficiently as possible. This is so they can maximize throughput (unloading and loading), capture all relevant data (transport, ownership, quality, financial) and minimize any delays, downtime or costs, thereby maximizing their profits. Aside from processing huge volumes of logs, log export companies increasingly have to track each log individually in order to provide an auditable chain of custody in support of forest stewardship and certifiable timber requirements. No modern technology system existed to provide this type of inventory and audit management.

Log logistics

Master Terminal, Jade Logistics’ terminal operating system (TOS), provides the ability to handle the throughput of a number of large cargo terminals in a single, low-cost, distributed solution over the Internet. The log marshaling module provides the rich functionality of a fully fledged container and general cargo TOS for moving and tracking logs. Beyond logs, C3 Limited is expanding the use of Master Terminal into other cargo types and environments, such as warehouses.

Master Terminal is an integrated, online solution that links all of the log export ports into one overarching system. C3 Limited manages over 30 million logs per year and since installation in 2002, Master Terminal has recorded and tracked every log, every step of the way.

A single integrated solution

As New Zealand’s leading provider of product handling solutions on the wharf and beyond, C3 Limited were looking for a single integrated system that could manage their logistics operations. Master Terminal’s ability to manage general cargo, break bulk, bulk, RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) cargo, motor vehicles, containers and logs from one system was key to its selection.

Whether providing a single port service or a fully integrated cargo handling solution, Master Terminal has been pivotal to C3 Limited’s diverse offering. C3 Limited offers consolidation, devanning and packing containers, storage, warehousing, distribution, marshaling, inter-wharf cargo transfers, stevedoring, bulk import transportation and inventory management of containerized, bulk and break bulk cargoes.

Reduce revenue leakage

One of the strengths of Master Terminal that attracted C3 Limited is its ability to manage multiple terminals, in different locations, in a single system. This feature gives the port real-time views and a powerful consistent management tool to drive operations. Master Terminal optimizes the flow of cargo from ship, gate, and rail to yard and back again, capturing every chargeable task and automatically feeding these details into the integrated invoicing module. This crucial information provides users of the TOS with thorough and critical details on every item that passes through a port. This is essential to C3 Limited who handle customer-specific shipping requirements and provide tailored information to each customer.

Stable and reliable

System reliability and performance is critical for front line workers based in remote locations operating 24/7. This reliability requirement is met by maintaining core application functionality in a central location, allowing for ease of management and maintenance. Clients connecting to Master Terminal do so across the Internet with the specially designed thin client software reducing data traffic to an absolute minimum. Master Terminal also offers web services that can be accessed by smart phones, scanners, and tablets as well as traditional PC architecture.

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